The Game Tutor grades Monster Train

When you first start Monster Train you will notice that it bears a strong resemblance to my Game Of The Year winner last year Slay the Spire, but as you play you will notice that while it is very much a deckbuilding roguelite it does enough to distinguish itself from the Crowd by adding strong Tower Defence elements.

The main premise of the game sees you riding a train which is being hunted by Angels trying to extinguish your pyre which is the last remaining piece of hellfire in existence.

Much like in slay the Spire you play a series of fights but the difference here is that as opposed to controlling a single character you control a clan of Monsters and place units on different floors of your train much like Plants vs Zombies. as well as your units you also have access to spells and artefacts much in the same way. There is a good mix of different types of classes to play These include The hell horns which are an aggressive damaged Focus class, The awoken which generally consists of large creatures and healing abilities, The Stygian Guard which has weak Monsters that creates spell weakness to allow you to use Direct damage spells, The Umbra a fun to play interesting class where you create small Monsters called morsels that get eaten by your larger Monsters to buff them and finally The melting remnant an equally innovative class that uses strong units that died after a few turns that you have to resurrect in order to get the most value. what is key, however, is that as well as choosing your main class you can also choose an allied class that you can access the main pool of cards. this gives lots of different combinations and lots of different types of strategies that can be concocted throughout the game.

As you play through the main campaign you unlock artefacts upgrade units in much the same way as you would expect but the fresh design and changes really make this stand out as the first deck building Road light worth owning since Slay the Spire.

As well as the excellent single player mode there are also a number of Multiplayer modes such as timed battles daily challenges and the ability to make custom challenges that you can share online.

Monster Train could have been an easy cash to grab but as it stands monster train is one of the best games I have played so far in 2020 and is the game that has restored my faith in the Indie scene.