The Game Tutor grades What the Golf?

Good evening im the game tutor in tonight we're going to be looking at what the golf. now it is no secret that on this site we focus primarily on the Nintendo switch but I have been extremely impressed by what has come out of Apple recently on Apple arcade and over the coming weeks we're going to be looking at a few key apple arcade launches talking about if they are worth signing up to the service for and generally trying to work out is this actually a new heavyweight in the mobile platform which up to now has pretty much been dominated by Nintendo since most mobile platforms are covered in free-to-play micro-transaction games

I first played what the golf at EGX last year and within the first few minutes of playing it, I immediately knew this was something special that I couldn't wait to get released. the game markets itself as a golf game for people who do not like golf games actually for me that couldn't be further from the truth. while I might not be a pro golfer in real-life video game golf holds quite a special place in my heart and I will happily lap up the latest golf game to be released.

when you play the first level of what the golf you are left with the impression that yes I know exactly what this game is going to be but you cannot be further from the truth. what the golf is a kind of physics-based arcade game that it is very difficult for me to explain all I can say is is that it really has to be played to be understood and I really do not want to spoil it too much.

the main campaign of the game sees you progressing through levels that continue to throw unusual new and increasingly wackier mechanics at you. the game is littered with references to other elements of video games and popular culture and there is rarely a time when the game fails to raise a smile on your face. without spoiling too much within the first quarter of the game you see yourself playing levels based on Super Mario portal and even games such as super hot. at no point did I ever feel the novelty wore off as the game was continually changing and surprising me in a new and unique ways

as you progress through the main campaign each level has a number of other challenges you can complete in order to gain a crown which lets you undertake yet more difficult challenges. towards the latter part of the game actually does become pretty challenging and equally throughout you will always find yourself up against a particular level that is that little bit trickier than you initially expected it to be.

there are also daily challenge levels to sink your teeth into which generally involve completing a selection of levels from the main campaign in a shorter time as possible.

what the golf knows that it is a game that you will want to show your friends in order to surprise them. this is highlighted by the ā€œ show my friend'sā€ mode you can select from the main screen.

overall what the golf is easily one of the most enjoyable games I have played all year and as it was the first game I downloaded as part of Apple Arcade it is an excellent place to get started if you have just signed up to the service.