The Game Tutor Grades Fate/Extella Link

Tonight we're going to be looking at Fate/Extella Link. Fate/Extella Link is the direct sequel to Fate/Extella The Umbral Star a fantastic Musou game which we reviewed back in 2017. We gave the game an excellent score and it featured in our game of the year list. So can the sequel continue on the original’s excellent legacy?

Fate/Extella Link’s story centres around Charlemagne, a brand new character to the series and sees him along with series regulars such as Nero embark on a plot to save previous allies from being oracalised which can basically be described as brainwashing. Fate/Extella Link definitely has a simpler story than Umbral Star and doesn't quite feature the same back and forth intrigue. Sure the story was entertaining but what I liked so much about the original was a little bit missing here although that did not detract from the overall quality of the game which took me just over 15 hours to complete. Just to make you aware that the game is in Japanese audio with English subtitles. While this is not an issue I can imagine it being integral to some.

Visually the game is good-looking, fantastic on a TV and reasonable on the gamepad in portable mode although you only notice this in certain sections.

all of the playable characters from the Umbral star return along with some new additions such as Francis Drake and Robin Hood. The new characters fit in well (although most are from the franchise’s other games and media) and add to the already diverse roster of characters,

while the game is still very much a traditional Musou game there have been some notable changes to gameplay. The manoeuvre system from Umbral Star has been removed and replaced with moon Drive instead. Once filling up the moon Drive metre players can activate moon drive which enhances all of their normal attacks and allows you to initiate a moon Drive attack. In the Umbral Star to use the noble phantasm you had to gather items around the stage but now the noble phantasm metre is filled by enemies defeated while using the moon drive. You also have and also have active skills that they can activate mid-battle and this adds a suitable amount of flair to the proceedings.

Generally, games missions are as fun and varied as you would expect from this type of game but sometimes you do end up feeling that it is a little unfair of what is being asked of you when you are expected to be in three corners of the map at the same time. Sure this is expected in a game of this genre but I found Fate/Extella Link asking sometimes a little bit too much of me than usual. On easy, this is not really a problem but at higher difficulties, I was often left feeling like there was literally no way I was able to complete an objective purely due to time constraints of travelling to different parts of the map at the same time.

as with the previous game, there are unlockable costumes and side missions for all of the main and supporting characters. The extras here are deep and for fans of the franchise, there is a lot to see.

Fate/Extella Link is definitely gameplay wise a better game than the Umbral star. while even though I did greatly prefer the story of the predecessor. Fate/Extella Link is quite possibly the best Musou I have ever played and almost definitely the best one currently available on the switch. Even once the main storyline campaign is complete there is a lot of interesting content here for not just fans of the genre but people looking for a good quality action game. I was a little nervous to play Fate/Extella Link having enjoyed the first game so much and I am pleased to say that Fate/Extella Link is a worthy addition to the franchise.