The Game Tutor Grades Awesome Pea on Switch

The game starts well the title screen lets you choose from a variety of different effects I quite like the tube affect the CRT effect just makes it a bit fuzzy at the bottom which is a bit weird, and the normal non-effect mode is how I prefer to play. Then you press start, and the game begins, and this is where things start to go downhill. Now I understand that this has been presented as an old Game Boy game, but the critical issue here is that it brings a lot of the issues that many old Gameboy games had.

Well, I am sure a lot of sites will describe the aesthetic as charming ( something I actually often use on this site) the graphics for Awesome Pea actually make the game quite difficult to play and a real headache to look at. One of the biggest issues is that it is very difficult to work out what you can walk into what you can touch and what you can land on. Let us take an early his level for example where you can clearly see platforms separated by waterfalls what I didn't realise until several attempts in is that actually you can walk on the waterfalls and that's not a problem period now in this situation obviously it wasn't the end of the world, but there are many examples like this that cause consistent issues and frustration.

This would be less of an issue if it weren't for the fact the game seems to be going for a hardcore crowd are last Super Meat Boy or Celeste. One of the key reasons why both of those titles succeed in their difficulty is that the game is split up into short sections that can very quickly be replayed. The problem however with Awesome Pea is that many of the levels are quite long and often one hit will send you back several minutes to play through the same slow fairly tedious section again. After two or three attempts of repeating the same dull and difficult part only of being cheesed out of a life due to a mist hazard in the scenery is a frustrating experience.

There is one particular level quite early on in the game where you have to drop down the level on a series of platforms while bubbles rise up the level. You would think this would be fairly easy, but this was extremely difficult because as you drop down, you have no idea where the bubbles are going to appear next and it took several attempts to complete this watch should have been a regular simple section.

It is sad as I really wanted to like or some p, but there really isn't much I can recommend her sadly. There are so many better examples of retro platformers out there and at a similar price point that there are little or no reasons to pick this up. If you want a tough as nails platformer buy Super Meat Boy or Celeste and if you want a retro-inspired platformer to take your pick on the switches eShop.

Awesome Pea is inspired by an error and a system that while many of us have fond memories of playing its Classics, I do not think there is any need to revisit its monochrome Style