The Game Tutor Grades Bombslinger

Now I can describe Bombslinger in one sentence… Binding of Isaac crossed with Bomberman. But that is most definitely a good things as Bombslinger takes key elements of both of those games and creates a fun little roguelite though not without its faults.

You play an outlaw from the wild west that upon seeing him house burnt down and his wife murdered goes on a quest of revenge blowing everything up in his path. Progression in the game works just like Bomberman where you start with a single bomb hitting a single tile in each of the fours main directions, and can level up your speed, number of bombs you can lay at any time, and the number of tiles your bombs hit.

These powerups can be acquired as you travel through the game and unlock further items and objects. The roguelite elements come in when you unlock new starting items that can help your next run even if your previous run did not go so smoothly.

Like Binding of Isaac, each room you enter can have chests, fire, shops, and enemies in some combination or other, and, if there are enemies to be found you must kill all of them in order to progress. Somewhere in each level is a boss, and defeating this boss gets you to the next level. If you lose all your hearts however it is game over and you start again. There are also special abilities that use up spirit which regains over time (this is all sounding very familiar).

Learning the pattern of enemies is not too much trouble and the bosses are quite a bit harder but overall the enemy variety is good and keeps the game interesting as you progress. There are a few enemies that are a bit of a pain to kill and there are some that are almost impossible to kill without taking damage if at that point in the game you had not unlocked the requisite ability or range to kill them whilst avoiding getting hit yourself and that is a perfect example of one of Bombslingers biggest issues and that is its balance and difficulty curve.

Powerups however do not really come thick and fast enough and therefore there is not quite the level of variety found in The Binding of Isaac and this really hurts the game as unlike Isaac where a run would be vastly different even a few rooms in every run in Bombslinger feels very similar and more is needed at a faster pace to pep things up.

There is also a local 4 player traditional Bomberman style mode as well that sees players battle it out in those all too familiar arenas. It works well and the slight different idea of working towards frags rather than last person standing is novel but as with the main game more overall and variety is needed.

Bombslinger is a good game that with a few tweaks could be a great game and I do look forward to see how the game progresses with any future updates.