The Game Tutor Grades The Darkside Detective

From the moment I loaded up Darkside Detective it absolutely oozes with charm. The game is a point and click adventure broken up into a selection different cases. You play Detective McQueen who works for the darkside department of Twin Lakes investigating all things paranormal. Throughout your adventures you are accompanied by Officer Dooley who is quite possibly one of my favourite characters ever in a point and click video game.

An average case sees you investigating a paranormal event (and in most cases not realising there is even a case to investigate) and solving the clues to the cases end. While this is a point and click adventure on a smaller scale it works. Equally now the game is available on Switch the game fits this form factor very well especially as it is playable with the touch screen a feature sorely lacking from quite a few Switch games. The game is interesting an fun but not overly complicated and never did I end up having to do the usual point and click method of rubbing everything against everything else.

Visually the game is simplistic but oozes personality and the many pop culture references all largely hit the nail on the head. The game is short with my entire playthrough of the 6 cases coming in at about 4 hours and you can see the rest of the first case if you let this video play out after the review is over. While I was left wanting more I also felt it was worth the time invested and is a game that could easily develop a cult following and a decent sequel or DLC pack.

Each case is wrapped up by a Professor Layton style puzzle and while these are not difficult they are a welcome change of pace when they show up.

All in all I had a fantastic time with Darkside Detectives and I hope to see more of Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley in the future.