The Game Tutor Grades Implosion: Never Lose Hope (Switch update)

I reviewed the iOS version of Implosion a few years ago and may I say that the Switch version is even better.

I love handheld games. As I have gotten older and the trials of family life continue to steal more and more of my videogame play time I continually go to handhelds to grab a few moments of game when tucked up in bed at night. The switch revolutionise this by providing console quality games on handheld. Now Implosion was great on iOS and is largely the same on Switch btu due to the real controls ends up being a better game overall.

One of the initial worried about any game like this is the controls. As a hater of all “virtual controls” normally this buries games like this but somehow Implosion feels and plays perfectly. Infact after a few hours of play I totally forgot I was playing on my iphone and it felt like I was playing a game that would be perfectly at home on my Vita (listen up Rayark make it happen)… to be honest this game would feel right at home on any console for that matter it really is that good.
During missions, you pick up credits and gear to customize your mech. This sadly is mostly the “add tiny percentages” mechanic, and while that is still super dull it doesn’t ruin the game overall. You also unlock badges by completing special conditions in levels that earn you much better gear and eventually a new character to control. This really lengthened the game as it made me go back and replay levels.

The game’s boss fights are also suitably spectacular and provide a pretty decent challenge. Infact the difficulty in implosion is actually pretty steep but at no point do you feel cheated.

The graphics are impressive and the game runs at a very smooth frame rate. The in game cut scene are excellent and the voice acting is superb. The best (if only) spectacle fighter on Switch today and a real indie game.