The Game Tutor Grades 36 Fragments of Midnight

You play as a small square being, Midnight – a small tiny sprite that would not look out of place in Thomas was Alone who must search for quite unsurprisingly 36 fragments. You are told to return to your starting point once you have found them all. The game is simple platformer fair but controls well with a useful double jump. Almost as soon as the game starts you see your first fragment and the game begins.

The game is procedurally generated each time you play but is made up of several sections, and there are not that many of them. After a few playthroughs, you have seen pretty much every section the game throws at you and save a few mishaps you can do them pretty much every time. Some involve lasers and some involve spinning buzz saws but none are overly complex or difficult and sometimes can even repeat in the same run.

It took me a couple of attempts to get the 36 fragments initially presented you and then on returning back to the start rather than be met with the next world I was presented with a game over screen… ok… now I know this game is cheap clocking in at £2.99 but a game that can be completed in a few minutes with no meta-progression is not really ok on a major console.

There is a slight speed run element as the game tells you a time at the end but this is hardly a reason to keep playing and I cannot see the game building up a speedrunning community.

The disappointing thing is the game is fun and enjoyable to play. Midnight controls well and it looks pretty with some nice light effects but it is hard even at £2.99 to recommend a game that can be beaten in a few minutes.