The Gane Tutor Grades Vaccine

Now I am a big Resident Evil fan and I often cite Resident Evil 2 as one of my favourite games of all time and even though tank controls have aged badly the game still holds a large space in my heart and the more recent HD rereleases of Resident Evil HD And Zero have made the perfect halfway transition between the old and new. In the end the most important bit of nostalgic games is to make the game what you think you remember rather than what actually happened and that’s where Vaccine falters.

Vaccine brings back the tank controls and the fixed cameras and takes place in a mansion where you control on of 2 characters (with the other being “infected”). The game start with the very bizarre, “Despite all your best efforts, your friend got infected again”… which is never explained.

The game then gives you 30 minutes to find the cure and return to your infected companion (who sits their glitching like crazy the whole time… Every time you complete the game this timer gets shorter making it more difficult with the main hook being that the mansion is totally re-arranged every time.

Now while procedurally generated games are fine in theory this one has some problems in that luck plays way more of an important part than it should. You always get a knife at the start but sometimes you never seem to find a gun and end up coming up against a seemingly impossible encounter. All of this could be more doable if the controls were not so horrible. Now I realise this is harking back to a control system of yesteryear but this definitely could have been “in the spirit of” rather than “a direct copy of”… as it has not aged well.

There are other things that are a massive problem such as spotting items that you can pick up… and the fact you must be in a super pixel specific place to interact with an item. It’s frustrating and sometimes will get you killed. Top all of this off in the fact the game is really hard and I expect most will finish playing long before the true ending.

I see what they were trying to do and for a diehard resident evil fan there is something here but in all honestly vaccine is a nice idea that doesn’t really pay off and leaves with the game bring better of left well alone.

Grade - 2.5