The Game Tutor Grades Epic Flail

Available on IOS Android and Steam this simple little action game has a lot of heart and I had a fair bit of fun playing it.
To be fair the game is more of a twin stick shooter. You have 2 controls the ability to point in a direction and the ability to do a dash attack and that is it.

This is more Bomberman or Porcunipine style gameplay than Smash Bros but it works.

Everything plays out in an increasingly difficult set of Arenas where you fight gladiators and eventually bosses. You are killed in one hit but as you progress you can gain armour and pickups that make you more hardy. A weird thing about the difficult is the ability to unlock starting armour for each level. This sounds like a good idea but the odd thing is that the game becomes easier the more you play rather than more difficult which oddly seems the wrong way around.

Later levels also add traps to make the fighting more difficult such as spikes & buzz-saws.

Epic Flail isn’t perfect. Enemy variety is a little lacking and there aren’t that many arenas, the difficulty is a little all over the place and a multiplayer mode is desperately needed… but… and it’s a big but it’s a fun little game for a small price that kept my attention for a good hour. I tried the steam version but could see this working well on mobile due to its simple premise and easy to control gameplay.

Hopefully an update or hell a sequel will expand upon the idea and turn it into an indie classic.

The Game Tutor Gives Away Epic Flail (Steam)