The Game Tutor Grades Ninja Pizza Girl

Developed by the family team of Disparity games Ninja Pizza Girl is a free running game about delivering pizza in the shortest time possible while avoiding and combating the antagonistic Megacorp Pizza.

As a teacher one of the things that really struck me about the game was the open and strong anti-bullying message the game conveys and how well this has been realised into the relatively simple yet powerful story of the game.

Gameplay wise the game plays very similar to the excellent 2D Mirrors Edge game that was on iOS a few years back. Running and jumping your way through the levels timing jumps and rolling on landing is fluid and fun and the helpful arrow system always tells you where to go. As the game progresses opposing ninjas from Megacorp try to stop you at every turn and bully you into giving up should they trip or catch you mid move.

One of the most impressive things about Ninja Pizza Girl however is just how well the levels are designed. No matter how well you make a jump or how badly you miss you always eventually seem t end up in the same place…. The only other games I can think of that convey this sense of exploration and speed while making sure you always end up in the right place is the original Sonic the Hedgehog games and that really is saying something. Gameplay is overall tight and smooth with my only criticism being the ability to select between a roll and a slide when landing without the game deciding for you depending on distance fallen. Equally collision detection in some of the environment on later levels is a little wonky but I really am picking at straws.

Collectables as you race around the levels allow you to buy extra things such as costumes, and game play mods that while fun never really add to the game. There is the ability to play in a first person mode but due to the controls not changing just the viewpoint this is in fact and unplayable disaster best left alone.
The story mode is excellent and can be beaten in a bit under 2 hours depending on speed and you willingness to replay levels and the speed run mode will give you longer term playability. There are a few issues here in that the real focus is on the whole game and not individual levels. I think leader boards for different levels would have been nice plus in the speed run mode we really shouldn’t have to sit through cut scenes or faff around in option menus slowing us up. A great idea that should really be the bones of the game that is lessened a little by some less than perfect design choices.

But it really is a testament into how much I loved the game that I want to be able to replay the game without the cut scenes and see leader boards on each individual level. I know that during my time with the game I broke some of these individual world records and I am up for getting a lot more competitive.

Overall Ninja Pizza Girl is a strong indie title that delivers a strong anti-bullying message while giving an excellent game. At £6.99 it is a decent price for a few hours of gameplay and even more if you really want to push for those world records. I hope the game gets patched and tweaked going forward and if so I look forward to loads more parkour pizza.