The Game Tutor Grades Breached

In Breached you crash land and awake from suspended animation on an alien planet but the difference is you are confined to the chair in your tiny space capsule with 8 days to repair and create fuel in order to leave.

The main portion of the game sees you use a remote drone to survey the landscape find modules to hack in order to repair your craft and minerals to find in order to synthesise fuel. This is made slightly more difficult by the terrain of the planet that often requires some jumping at speed over caverns Dukes of Hazzard style and magnetic anomalies that destroy your probe and ruin your attempts.

Each day you can choose between piloting a drone, hacking a retrieved capsule in order to repair your craft and try and synthesise fuel in what can only be described as the most overly complicated yet simple mini game ever created.
And that’s about it… Each day is met by story sections and the feeling of isolation on your little craft as you start to waste away is rather atmospheric but even after a few playthroughs I was left desperate for more to do.

Visually the game is stunning to look at and the landscapes are fairly well realised providing you do not get too up close and see some rather dodgy textures, This is indeed post processing turned up to 11 but it works… very well in fact. The visuals do a good job of telling the game’s simple story which is told through written logs but even that still left me with a “oh that was everything” feeling as I was awaiting to unlock new zones.

The game boils down to a scavenger hunt with a bit of stealth thrown in coupled with an overly confusing mini game mechanic. Starting a second play through I hoped the environment would have changed but sadly no this is not procedurally generated but a set location which makes finding everything a doddle once you know where they are.

This leaves the science mini game…. Ohhhh the science mini game. Now the developer has stated that it does indeed have a way of working it out but I will be damned if I know how it works. You pick amounts of 3 types of minerals and that gives you a percentage purity of fuel. Then you change the amount to try and make it better but god knows how you are supposed to work that out. If it is a hot or cold affair a way of finding out the mix you used previously would have been lovely.

Visually the game is great and I enjoyed playing it but it really just feels like a mini section in a much larger game. Comparing this to Solus Project my previously played “crash on an alien planet” game it just feels empty. A great idea that needs a lot more to make it shine.