The Game Tutor Grades Koihime Enbu

First thing you notice upon booting up the game is the fact the graphics are lovely HD sprites and its presented in 16:9 which is always nice when playing Japanese fighters.

The main roster is made up of a collection of buxom and at times possibly under-age anime girls accompanied by a selection of side characters that add to each characters abilities.

Each character also comes with a selection of colours and as you fight through the game via either the arcade or storyline mode you are treated to a bit of back story that fleshes out the characters.

Gameplay wise Koihime Enbu is a relatively simple fighter taking most of its cues from the Street Fighter series. Most of the moves are done by simple circle combos but the ease of performing special moves means that you can pick up and play immediately. The game is a port of the PS4 release and as such the on screen button combinations are all PlayStation which when using an Xbox controller is very confusing.

Gameplay is something of a cross between BlazBlue and Street Fighter 3. You have 4 special gauges that can be used to trigger a number of special moves ranging from using your secondary character to combo ending anime explosions.

There are a few little issues that I have with the game most notably being the odd difficulty curve. Even on hard the arcade mode is actually very easy with the difficulty only spiking on the last fight.

The other slight issue is that currently unless you are hoping to play locally multiplayer may be out of the question. I tried on many occasions to get an on-line multiplayer game going but alas each time it simply expired.

Overall Koihime Enbu is a decent fighting game and definitely one of the better indie fighters I have played in recent years. For fight fans it is a fun little game with a few little niggles that doesn't spoilt it overall. Definitely worth picking up if you are a fan of the genre and have some friends to play local multiplayer with.