The Game Tutor Grades 12 is Better Than 6

The best way of describing the game in a sentence is Hotline Miami meets Red Dead Redemption… Hotline Mexico if you will.

Visually the game has a strong monochrome with red aesthetic that really makes it a distinctive game to look at and play.

While Hotline Miami requires tactics to beat its levels most of them can be completed by tearing through guns a’ blazin. This is not however possible in 12 is better than 6. The first thing to up the difficulty is that the enemies never miss. If they shoot… they hit. Secondly unlike Hotline Miami you need to reload your gun and cock it after each fire… which in the hectic heat of battle is hard frigging work.

Therefore each level must be meticulously planned to perfection in order to see through. Sometimes things seemed a little unfair but I always wanted to have another go. Make no two minds about it though this is a brutal game that isn’t going to let you have an easy ride.

Weapons are varied and fit the setting nicely and the general gameplay is fun. There is plenty to like here but I can’t help but feel something is just not quite right. Firstly the previous mentioned reload mechanic is clunky and really took away from the fluidity of the game.

I also found a fair amount of bugs when playing that meant NPCs often did not follow their set scripted pathways making the level either much harder or much easier to complete and sometimes required a restart.

Overall the game is a fun distraction but it isn’t quite what I hoped it would be… looks lovely though.