The Game Tutor Grades Concrete Jungle (Plus the game to giveaway)

Concrete Jungle is a difficult game to pigeon hole. Part Deck Building, part Sim City, part puzzle game. The idea of the game is to lay buildings on a grid with the goal being to reach a certain population value on every row. Population points are obtained by placing different kinds of buildings to increase the point values of nearby spaces and then placing residential buildings on those spaces. Negative point values are possible which whilst obvious not ideal can be used in vs mode to shaft your opponent. Equally as you lay buildings you gain points which can be used towards stronger cards to add to your deck. The cards with negative values tend to add more to the population total.

As you play there are different characters to choose that have different skill trees that unlock cards and abilities. Some are inherently better for VS rather than solo play. In order to unlock access to later cards in the skill tree the player has to pick from a selection of random cards.

Firstly let me start by saying the difficulty curve of concrete jungle goes from ridiculously steep to practically vertical. I cannot work out if I am just inherently bad at the game but even when writing this grading I am struggling to finish the campaign mode due to the games inherent difficulty and way smarter than me UI. As you play through the campaign mode it ranks each level by difficulty and within the first few levels they are ranked hard with no way of changing the difficulty. Another issue is levels are pretty long sometimes running at well over 10 minutes and there is no way to speed up the AI turns… you even have to watch them open the menu and choose their cards. This does not help when you fail on the last part of a stage… imagine if levels of candy crush took 15 minutes to beat.

Would I recommend playing Concrete Jungle? Yes I would but only to a very hardcore crowd who love deck building and very difficult puzzle strategy games. I really enjoyed playing the game but it definitely got hard fast and with no adjustable difficulty setting and long games making it difficult to constantly retry it could frustrate you before you see the bulk of what the game has to offer. That being said I did keep coming back to the game and even after writing my original review I put in another few hours to get that little bit further. Make no mistake about it this is the Dark Souls of Puzzle games but if that’s your bag then this will be right up your alley.

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