The Game Tutor Grades Skyhill

Described by the creators as a point and survival game Skyhill sees your character survive a nuclear apocalypse and after eventually running out of food and supplies having to venture out from his protected penthouse on the 100th floor with the intention of reaching the ground.

The main mechanics of the game are managing both your health and hunger as you travel down each stairwell with the option of investigating both rooms on each floor. Every move you make uses up one point of hunger so sensibly navigating the games rooms is essential.
Another key mechanic is the games combat. As you meet an enemy you must select your weapon and then choose which body part you are going to attack. Different body parts have a higher percentage chance of missing but equally harder to hit parts do significantly more damage. This turns the combat into a logic puzzle as you get further down the building and the enemies get harder and harder.

In order to help manage your hunger and health there is a well fleshed out crafting system to allow you to craft food, resources and weapons as well as a level up system with a simple set of stats you can add to.

As you descend you unlock access to the elevator that allows you to travel back up to your penthouse and improve food and weapons. It also becomes important to use you Penthouse to sleep and regain life especially on the higher difficulties as enemies become harder and first aid kits become scarcer. This works by increasing your health but reducing your hunger bar meaning you are generally starving when you awake.

There are a few issues I have with the game to do with balance. I will say that with each play through there is an active and passive ability to help you that you can choose at the start. Some are more helpful than others with a particular overpowered favorite of mine being Bulimia which reduces your hunger loss by 50% but makes it possible to take damage when you eat. Equally there are a few weapons that are easier to gain than others that are very powerful the clock work axe being a good example of this.

Now I am not usually a fan of roguelikes but there really is something about Skyhill that grabbed me and would not let me go. As you progress you are drip fed storied through articles you find as well as some key bits of information about side plots that only become apparent through multiple playthroughs and alternate endings.

Having completed the game relatively easily on easy and just about on normal the hard is proving difficult and the currently locked nightmare mode is about as far from seeming possible to me right now as it could be.

All in all Skyhill is a very original roguelike game that is different from anything I have played before and is well worth your time. Games take a reasonable length and it never outstays its welcome with subsequent playthroughs drip feeding you more and more of the games story.

Cannot recommend it enough though, fantastic game.