The Game Tutor Grades Blues and Bullets

Set in an alternate reality where Elliot Ness has retired having put Al Capone behind bars and failing to solve his last case is now working in a diner. Needless to say the last case and other parts of his past come back to haunt him and send Elliot on a crime solving adventure that reminded me a lot of The Yellow Kind Murders from True Detective season 1.

Gameplay wise the game is a mashup of the storytelling of the later Tell-tale games such as Game of Thrones or Borderlands, the Crime solving sections of La Noire and a little bit of light cover based Gunplay... and it works…

I have been growing tired of the TellTale format recently and this really ups the tempo a notch. The setting is great, the story is great and the wonderful Sin City Black and Red visuals work wonderful. I did find the game did a few odd frame rate shenanigans occasionally locking my games at 30 fps and other times at 60fps but I was so engrossed in the game itself I barely noticed. The Voice acting in the game is great even if Elliot Ness being voiced by the same actor as Geralt from the Witcher does lead to some interesting imagery if you shut your eyes and use your imagination.

There are a few issues, firstly is the speed in which Elliot walks. Now I know this is a story game but even with the run button held Elliot ambles along like a middle aged lady trying to catch a bus without spilling her hand bag. There were also a few times that the dialogue options were vague about what I was responding to.

Pacing in the game could also do with a little shot in the arm. One section sees you visiting a hotel for a meeting and you literally have to walk from the front door of the hotel to the meeting room with very little in-between. Quite a few of these sections could have been snipped down to make the game flow a little smoother.

But these few flaws do not overshadow the game that really shows up how stale Tell-tale games have become in the last few years. There are some incredible locations to visit including the Hindenburg which has been converted into an ultra-luxury hotel.

At the end of the first episode that took me about 4 hours I want to find out what happens next. The game doesn't really build to a crescendo it just kinda stops which is a little disappointing but I left wanting more. While not a perfect game the sum of its parts make Blues and Bullets a series I would very much recommend checking out and I myself are looking forward to see where it will go next.