The Game Tutor Grades The Adventures of Pip (Final Release)

“The Adventures of Pip” is an action platformer published by Tic Toc games which is in the vein of Super Mario Bros. but there are some interesting ideas here that make it worth a look.

Main Character Pip, is a single pixel and would not look out of place in indie classic “Thomas was Alone”. As you progress through the game to save a princess from an evil queen you must evolve and devolve through 8-Bit and 32-bit incarnations of yourself. Each “form” grants you different abilities meaning you must use different forms to navigate your way across the game's many worlds and levels.

1 pixel Pip can bounce higher and glide down onto enemies and platforms, 8-bit Pip can wall-jump, grab ledges and punch and full 32-bit Pip gains a sword and can smash up blocks and platforms. Using all of these 3 forms together, sometimes evolving and devolving mid jump, lets you navigate the game’s increasingly complex levels.

The bosses in the game are excellent and really drew me in. The game itself Is not an easy one to best and often I found myself dying many times before completing a level but I always felt that the game was fair and it kept me coming back for more.

In between levels you can go to town and buy a number of upgrade items such as more hearts, better weapons and 1 use items to make the game easier or more enjoyable. All of these are paid for with in game currency and there is no in game freemium crap in sight. The issue however is the games economy is out of balance and earning enough money to afford most of this stuff takes far too long and even then the items are hardly game changing.

There are also 3 villagers to save in every level which seems to be there for achievement hunter as while I was progressing through the game I did lose a little bit of interest in finding them.

As you progress a little bit of boredom and repetition does set in and sometimes I felt a few less levels in each world actually would have improved the pacing of the game. Overall the game took me about 6 hours to complete but I did kind of feel that a cheaper and more condensed experience would have been a better game overall. An alternative solution would have been to have had a few more styles of sprites to evolve and devolve into.

Overall “The Adventures of Pip” is a fun little game which I feel would be perfect for a handheld such as the Vita. If you find it on sale I would say go for it but at full price there is not quite enough on offer to make it and essential purchase.