The Game Tutor Grades

The Game Tutor grades The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

Good evening I'm the game tutor, and tonight we are going to be looking at “Liar Princess and the Blind Prince” on Nintendo Switch.

The Game Tutor Grades Firewatch (Out Now on Switch)

To say the game’s masterful story telling got me to care and shed a tear about a character I had only been introduced to minutes previous shows how

The Game Tutor grades Moonlighter

The game sees you take the role of a young merchant names Will who's taking over the family business of running the shop Moonlighter in the town of

The Game Tutor grades Momonga Pinball Adventures

Earlier this year “Yoku’s Island Express” reignited the fire in the Adventure Pinball genre long thought lost to classic such as Sonic Spinball and

The Game Tutor Grades Nefarious

Nefarious sees you take on the role of Crow the villain in a 2D platformer with essentially Megaman as your main arch rival.