The Game Tutor examines Puyo Puyo Esports

Now I have always been a casual Puyo Puyo player but I do enjoy the series and yesterday the new esports version was released on the Japanese eshop at 75% off the regular price for 500yen so I had to pick it up.

Now firstly let me say this is a bare bones PuyoPuyo game with all of the story and extra modes cutout and is specifically designed for competitive play with an excellent roster of characters to choose from.

Visually the game is presented well and it is not too difficult to navigate even without any English language options. If you are looking to get a Puyo game on the Switch and are not concerned about the Tetris crossover then this is a cheap way to jump on board.

The game does have single player against bots as well as team online matches. There are two game types included being Tsu (based on the Puyo Puyo Tsu ruleset) and the more enjoyable for a casual Fever which sees you trying to complete 7 offsets and enter Fever mode where you must clear preset chains.

My experience s far with playing online however has been punishing. As a casual player I have found myself being on the receiving end of some severe beatings very frequently. Clearly the East Asian market this is aimed at has a lot of very skilled players so this is one for experts if you are planning to take the game online.

Overall however it is Puyo Puyo which is an excellent puzzle game and it is currently available at an absolute steal at 500 yen which is about £3.50 so if you have been wondering what the fuss was about or haven’t played a Puyo game in many years this is an excellent time to jump n board.