The Game Tutor Examines Skykeepers

Skykeepers follows the story of Tangi a village chieftain following a tragic event in his life as he tries to rebuild his tribe. As well as the usual chain combos one of the best mechanics in the game is the ability to teleport towards damaged enemies. This works well and can be used to transport towards otherwise inaccessible portions of the map as well as a way to chain together attack and move nimbly around the level.

The game plays well and it looks visually very pretty. In the 5 levels I played of the game I was really drawn into the story and I was disappointed when it finished which is always a good sign when playing a preview build.

There are a few little issues however that potentially will be a non-issue when the game is released. Firstly, is the fact that there is a lot of repetition. Even though I played several levels in the Forest hub world there is a lot of repetition with the same screen appearing multiple times with the same enemies and loot in some cases even in the same level. This made me worry that if there is this much repetition at the start of the game is this going to continue for the rest of the game.

Equally was the enemy variety. There are 5 enemies in the preview build not counting a boss. There were 2 normal attackers, one which is more of a turret with a shield, and 2 floating enemies one which fires energy bolts and one which tries to touch you and stun you. These enemies while having a reasonable amount of variation amongst them do start to repeat very quickly. Couple this with the repeating level section and everything starts to look less shiny very quickly. Hopefully, this will be sorted out when the final game is released.

Overall Skykeepers in a promising title that I was disappointed when the “end of preview build” screen appeared which is always a good sign but there definitely needs to be a little more in the way of variety in the final product.