The Game Tutor Examines Poi

Poi is an indie 3D platformer developed by Polykid and is currently in Early Access on Steam.

The game is very reminiscent of classic N64 platformers both in style and gameplay but this is most definitely a good thing. The hub of the game sees you on a sky ship able to visit different worlds that contain a number of different medallions to collect. If you replace stars with medallions, red coins with keys and coins with… coins you pretty much know what to expect.

Currently in the early access build there are 2 different worlds to explore both of which have 6 medallions. Cozy Canyon is a forest mountain level and Mount Magma is a lava style volcano level. While there is currently nothing super original this is most definitely one of the best 3D platformers I have played in years. After completing the 2 worlds I was left desperate for more and cannot wait for the game to reach further in development.

Early in the game you also meet a passing ship that can transport you to challenge levels that really kick the difficulty up a notch. There are also other things to do such as dig for fossils and with other detours looking to be added soon there is a bright future.

Visually the game looks like an early Dreamcast title but do not let this put you off. Steam is flooded with 2D retro platformers as the moment so to have a 3D one that captures the spirit of platformers from the N64 era so very well is an exciting prospect.

If you yearn for a N64 inspired 3D platformer the Poi is definitely an early access title worth keeping an eye on.