The Game Tutor Examines Crazy Pixel Streaker

Upon loading the game up it becomes very evident that the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. In the build we played there were 4 characters to choose from and once chosen you sky dive in “Snes Pilotwings Style” onto the field…

From here on you must survive as long as you can against waves of players, security guards and swat team members trying to stop you from running around on TV with John Thomas or The Laverne Twins all hanging out the place.

The game then plays much like a twin stick shooter with the ability to gain upgraded weapons, gain followers that can be used to unleash special attacks and roll out of danger. Currently the main weapon feels a tiny bit underpowered and there is some odd slowdown at times but this is early alpha and these things can easily be ironed out.

The game is a great deal of fun especially when playing with other friends via 4 player same screen co-op. Roguelike elements ensure the same thing does not happen every time and there are some nice little touches as the game progresses.

One thing that defiantly carries over from Roguelikes is Perma Death. There are no retries and no continues once you have bitten the dust your game is over and you must start again. Make no jokes about it this game is difficult and you are not going to be wiggling your crown jewels inside the world cup on your first go.

Crazy Pixel Streaker made a good impression and with a lot more content promised as the game continues production I cannot wait to let my bits bobble around some more…

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