The Game Tutor Examines

The Game Tutor Examines My Time at Portia

I take a look at just how bad the load times are in the Switch version of My time at Portia.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy Switch First Case (Japanese Eshop w/ Full English Language)

We play through the first case of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Japanese Switch Eshop with Full English Language support.

The Game Tutor Examines Tetris 99

So how can we make Tetris more fortnitey?

The Game Tutor examines Puyo Puyo Esports

Now I have always been a casual Puyo Puyo player but I do enjoy the series and yesterday the new esports version was released on the Japanese eshop

The Game Tutor Builds Custom Labo RC Cars

A little bit of a different video for today.