The Game Tutor Compares Dead Island & Dead Island Definitive Edition

a quick visual comparison of dead island and dead island definitive edition both running on modern PC hardware. Now there has recently been a video going around on the web comparing the PS3 and the PS4 versions but I felt that wasn't the best comparison.

Now obviously AAA games aren't usually our thing so it is surprising how much the Dead Island serious actually gets featured on this site hence I thought it was a worthwhile side note to do a quick visual comparison.

All you really need to know is the game now looks like Dying Light rather than Dead Island. Everything now has that Dying Light grain running over the top of it. Joking aside this is a pretty good upgrade and the game does look a lot better for it with a lot of models and locations being considerably more detailed to the point that lining even the cut scenes up was difficult.

But for only a few dollars to upgrade if you are a fan of the dead island games or have always wanted to try them out these are pretty decent upgrades.