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My wife and I share a lot in common. We both love going on holiday (vacation for our American readers) and whilst on holiday we generally see eye to eye about our activities. One thing that we generally do have quite different view points on however is bed time.

Now what this essentially means is that most evenings my wife will start to doze off in our hotel at about 11pm but I still have a good few hours left in my tank. This has started a tradition of playing a game while away in the wee hours of the morning.

Now that 3D seems to be going the way of the Dodo we are always looking for the next big thing... and I think I have found it...

Adventure Scents!

Aimed at Tabletop Gamers, LARPers and Video Gamers they invite gamers open the pot of Enchanted Forest Scent next to them as they travel through forests in their favourite MMO.

The company have recently started up their Kickstarter and plan to produce 20 different scents to begin with. Using their website you can match a scent to your favourite game which is pretty cool.

As you can see by the picture I have a problem.... an addiction if you will. You see when I was younger I was really into collecting things. But I grew up, I got married, I got a mortgage and I kinda stopped... but then something happened.

Due for release on the 20th of March Final FantasyType-0 HD is a remake of the Japanese only PSP title out on PS4 and XBO.

In light of the new Curator feature on Steam The Game Tutor has opened up a Steam Group allowing to meet like minded players and get recommendations based on the games I am playing. So come on in and join up.

I do not get why people hate on Call of Duty every year.

Any game that has regular instalments you can moan and whine about being "The Same".

Madden, Fifa, Street Fighter, Assassin's Creed, Batman etc

It has to be relatively similar otherwise people would also moan the game has "left its roots" or "changed beyond recognition".