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One of the benefits of being an independent website is to a certain extent we pick and choose what we review and what we hope you as a viewer/reader will find interesting.

It does sometimes mean that review embargoes do not quite line up with our video release schedule.

For hardwarophiles and PC gamers, Direct X 12 cannot come soon enough. Heralded in the next step in Graphics and the much needed push to take PC Visuals that step ahead of Consoles where we often feel like they need to be. DirectX 12 is a “close to the metal” API, that makes more efficient use of CPU and GPU hardware resources, which can result in both a noticeable improvement in performance as well as visual quality.

Blizzard Players living in Crimea are no longer able to access Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Heroes of the Storm & Starcraft 2. Blizzard has suspended access to in the region in order to comply with recent US Sanctions. users received a notification of the service cut earlier this week, according to Russian gaming site (via The The Moscow Times).

Hektor Review PC Steam

The first 5 minutes of Hektor really draws you in. Straight away from the title screen to the excellent intro sequence and the very first dead end you realise things in this world are not always what they seem.

At the recent EGX Rezzed show I stumbled across one of the most visually beautiful games I have ever played and that would be "A Light in Chorus".

ALIC Teaser from A Light In Chorus on Vimeo.

Deer Readers… the following Review of the Deer God contains an obscene amount of Deer Puns… Reader discretions is advised.

The Deer God is a procedurally generated platform game created by Crescent Moon Games who are an independent developer and publisher founded in 2009. The team has released a lot of mobile titles the most noteworthy of which being Paper Monsters and the Ravensword series.