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The FMV genre has seen a bit of a resurgence over the last few years with the excellent Her Story and Contradiction both standing as head runners of the new age of FMV gaming. Enter Press X to Not Die a relatively short interactive movie FMV game that tries to stand up in a still relatively uncrowded genre.

So EGX Rezzed 2016 is now over and I had a fantastic time over the weekend trying out lots of upcoming indie games over the next year or so. Without further ado I present in no real order my top 5 faves of EGX Rezzed 2015.

When Blood Ally: Reborn first appeared in my sights I kind of thought it was a game in the vein of Contra. What Blood Alloy: Reborn actually is, is a 2D score attack twin stick shooter set in one of 3 arenas that sees you last as long as you can against waves of every increasingly difficult and numerous enemies.

Check out our giveaway of Pony Island and Calendula. Winners choose which game they want.

The Game Tutor Gives Away Pony Island & Calendula (Winner Chooses)

So today we have an unusual feature where I list (in no particular order) my favourite business cards from EGX2015 and talk a bit about what games I saw that we look forward to covering in the coming months.

There was a big choice for many gamers this week and that was Mad Max or Metal Gear Solid V. Both released in an irritating time period right at the end of the Summer Holidays to make children and teachers wish they had come out six weeks earlier.