The Game Tutor Grades Senran Kagura Peach Ball

Senran Kagura Peach Ball is an easy game to describe in that it is a mature anime pinball game but getting across what this game really is is a bit of a tricky one.

The Senran Kagura franchise is a series of sexy anime games ranging from spectacle fighters, rhythm action, third person "splashers" and now a pinball game out now on Nintendo Switch.

The general premise of the story sees the Senran Kagura girls meeting up for a game tournament and finding themselves turned into animal hybrids (in a bunny girl costume kinda way rather than full on "furry"). It is now up to you to turn them back to normal by getting the girls to squat on a special modified pinball table and use "Peach Balls" to return them to their full human form (yes that is really the story).

So the girl sits on-top and away you go with what at first is fairly standard pinball game-play. Ball physics are good but definitely play like video-game pinball rather than some of the more recent realistic pinball sims. As you gain points on the table you eventually enter a sexy challenge which is essentially a mini-game to earn more points. Eventually after 3 of these you will gain "Super Sexy" and enter the final very dubious mini game that see the girl return back to her human form with nothing but crossed limbs for modesty.

Here in lies one of the main issues with the game is that most of the tables play almost identical. The visuals are slightly different and there are some different bells and whistles but the overall layout and game-play is the same on each table and that was a little disappointing especially when it looks so visually appealing and equally has a good frame-rate throughout. One of the biggest lost opportunities in this regard is this is clearly not meant to be a sim and as such there could have been some really cool and wacky stuff. How about a scene where the ball rolls around the girls tummy before coming to a stop in her belly button, how about more extravagant traps that leads to other cool stuff. The mini games show elements of this but they should be a part of the main table.

There are other modes such as the ability to dress the girls but these are rarely worth it for anyone who isn't a "hardcore" fan of the series.

Overall Senran Kagura Peach Ball is a decent arcade pinball experience that I had some fun with but with a bit more time and more variety in the girls and the tables this could have been something truly special.