The Game Tutor grades Our World is Ended

Back in January there were reports that the visual novel "Judgment 7: Our World Is Ended" was being released for Nintendo Switch and that it was also coming to the West. Now this game was released for the Switch in February in japan and is an updated version of the 2017 Vita game "Our World Is Ended" which includes about 30% more content, more post game stuff and some extra characters. So what is quite frankly baffling is the version we are now seeing being released in the West is infact not the version that was released in Japan over 2 months ago but a port of the vanilla "Our World Is Ended" based on the Vita Original released over 2 years ago which leaves a sour taste in my mouth before I even get started knowing I am already playing an inferior content light version of the game.

The basic plot sees you taking the job as the apprentice at a Japanese video game company called Judgement 7 and during the course of testing the company's AR games discover that things from their games are beginning to appear in the real world. There is the usual Japanese visual titillation but "Our World Is Ended" is a fairly reasonable story that does sometimes lose itself. As well as not translating the newer version of the game it also seems to have a fair amount of typos and iffy sentence structure that definitely stood out. Another odd quirk is that they have not translated the Japanese button configuration to English and the A and B buttons are the wrong way round.

The characters in the game are genuinely likeable and I did end up wanting to find out what happened to them. During the course of the game I never felt my decision affected the story too much but they did help with immersion and make me feel invested in the characters. The art style is excellent and everything is beautifully animated. Sadly however it is it is difficult for me to recommend you get the game when I know full well it is missing a massive amount of content that is in the Japanese version on the e-shop.