Chat with George Perkins of Super Rare Games

I recently met for a chat with George Perkins of Super Rare Games a UK based distributor of rare indie titles similar to Limited Run Games. I met up with him at EGX Rezzed and we had a chat about the company, how everything had been going, and the future.

You can find them and their current releases Human: Fall Flat and "The Flame in the Flood" at Super Rare Games

I started our chat by congratulating him on a successful launch and joked that it was nice to be on the good side of shipping costs for once and not having to pay the high "Limited Run Games" shipping costs from the USA made a nice change.

We spoke a bit about his new USA distributor and that he was hoping that once that is in place the cost of USA shipping will be reduced. He did mention about some issues of having a USA distributor for a game with a PEGI rating on it but said they were working through the legalities to ensure everything was "done right". I asked about doing USA releases and he said no that he would rather everything was consistent going forward and that he was not about to mess it all up for collectors wanting a complete set.

We spoke about his 2 current games being released by Curve Digital. He went on to say their relationship with them has been fantastic but did assure me that they were not only going to publish Curve Digital Games. We do however know that Bomber Crew eventually will be released but George told me that was a fairly long way off as the game was still being ported to Switch. (But it is coming)

I asked him about the runs of 5000 and the fact that unlike many limited run games releases they had not sold out. He said they did not expect to sell out straight away and that larger than usual print runs were intended in order to ensure that people hearing about the games 2 or 3 releases in were not already sold out of a complete collection without turning to eBay. He said they plan to keep this business model going forward and always hope to sell a decent amount straight away but not have people worried about waiting online at a certain time bashing F5 ready to but it up. I asked if print runs would change dependent on the game in question and he was unsure at the moment but was happy where they currently were.

We then went on to speak about the subscription model that he previously mentioned on social media and he hopes that would be their way forward. I personally think it is an excellent idea as it again reduces the need for being on at a certain time. He would not tell me if there would be any other "perks" to being a subscriber.

We joked about how a few copies of "Human fall flat" had been sold on eBay above market value and he joked about setting up an eBay account to widen their audience (this was very much a joke).

Finally I asked him about any future releases and he said he was not allowed to say but he did give me a clue to an upcoming release... An upcoming release features animals... My obvious go to was Shelter but we shall see... what do you all think...

Remember to check them out at Super Rare Games