Video Reviews

Developed by French based developers Piranaking and based on also French comic book Lastman Last Fight is essentially the Power Stone game we have

When looking at screenshots I thought Seraph was yet another twin shooter, contra style game maybe with some Metroidvania thrown in for good measur

We check out Rogue Stormers a game that can be best described as Contra meets The Binding of Isaac

I want to be human is an action platform shooter hybrid with an indie soundtrack and a very interesting aesthetic.

Candice DeBébé's Incredibly Trick Lifestyle is essentially an action RPG that follows an extremely chavvy women on a quest to retrieve the fake tan

I will start out by saying Deathsmiles is my favourite Bullet Hell shooter of all time and to finally see the game released on PC is a big deal.

Kona sees you play the part of private detective Carl Faubert who is examining the unusual goings on in a remote blizzard covered village in northe

18 months ago PT appeared on the PS4 and was a runaway success and probably the most talked about demo/teaser of all time the project to make the n

We look at a promising new story driven FPS that sadly falls very short of its promise.

An endless runner that is full of poop!

Dungelot: Shattered Lands is a rather unique game that can best be described as a roguelike dungeon crawler with minesweeper mechanics thrown in.

Released on last gen consoles over 3 years ago Dance Magic finally arrives on PC and having received fairly negative reviews at the time I am looki