Video Reviews

We rank the best of 2017

Now out on Switch we look at Woodle Tree Adventures

As a big fan of wrestling games, I have been really disappointed in what has come out in recent years.

I reviewed the iOS version of Implosion a few years ago and may I say that the Switch version is even better.

When is a game better than the movie it's based on?

Let’s start by saying Axiom Verge is essentially a Metroid Game… and it is a very good one.

You play as a small square being, Midnight – a small tiny sprite that would not look out of place in Thomas was Alone who must search for quite uns

Fate/Extella is set in the Fate franchise an anime doujin game series that has sat mostly in the visual novel field over the last decade and a bit.

Now I am a big Resident Evil fan and I often cite Resident Evil 2 as one of my favourite games of all time and even though tank controls have aged

We check out the latest title in the Serious Sam series and this one's a little bit different.

Now the best way to describe Dead Cells is a rogue-lite Metroidvania.

We try out the low-fi prequal to last year's outstanding Ghost 1.0