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Kona sees you play the part of private detective Carl Faubert who is examining the unusual goings on in a remote blizzard covered village in northe

18 months ago PT appeared on the PS4 and was a runaway success and probably the most talked about demo/teaser of all time the project to make the n

We look at a promising new story driven FPS that sadly falls very short of its promise.

An endless runner that is full of poop!

Dungelot: Shattered Lands is a rather unique game that can best be described as a roguelike dungeon crawler with minesweeper mechanics thrown in.

Released on last gen consoles over 3 years ago Dance Magic finally arrives on PC and having received fairly negative reviews at the time I am looki

To say the game’s masterful story telling got me to care and shed a tear about a character I had only been introduced to minutes previous shows how

Both games have come out recently and both games are similar in the sense they are ‘Meta’ puzzle games featuring a self-aware game that is trying t

Along with special guest Joe we check out a new early access adventure golf game to see if it has what it takes to hit under Par.

The premise of FullBlast is pretty standard, aliens are invading earth and its up to you to pilot a ship destroy everything and save the day.

We play a round of video game/ board game hybrid Tharsis and see if its mixed reception on Steam is fair

We play a brand new indie survival shooter... or at least we try to.