Video Reviews

Now BlazBlue has been a favourite fighting franchise of mine for years and this game sees a crossover with the Persona, Under Night, and RWBY franc

Now the roguevania genre as I am going to call it has seen quite a surge in recent year with Dead Cells really standing as the stalwart of this gen

As we get started let me say that Iro Hero is an unusual case.

We look at the first 5 levels of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon and give you our full impressions.

Now going in I didn’t really know what to expect with Yonder but what I found was a unique adventure game that I enjoyed from start to finish even

A little bit of a different video for today.

Now I can describe Bombslinger in one sentence… Binding of Isaac crossed with Bomberman.

We check out the prologue of indie "RPGvania" Super Daryl Deluxe and give you our first impressions.

In the second of our Winter Olympic Specials we look at Just Ski a minimalistic skiing endless runner by indie developer Jeff Weber.

We try out new inside skiing game Ski Hard: Lorsbruck 1978.

From the moment I loaded up Darkside Detective it absolutely oozes with charm.

World to the West is essentially an action adventure (Zelda-lite) game set in the same universe as the aforementioned Teslagrad that sees you trave