Video Reviews

The game tutor looks to the east and checks out Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and sees if the latest iteration of the bizarre fighting RPG is the best.

In light of its recent steam release the game tutor compares Quake Live with its classic counterpart Quake 3 Arena to see what the differences are

Remembering his love for cult GBA puzzle game Kuri Kuri Kururin the Game Tutor Decides to check out bizarre puzzle spinning limo "sim" Roundabout w

The Game Tutor checks out F2P indie platformer Color Symphony... and half way through seems to totally screw up and go in the wrong direction.

The Game Tutor checks out Velocity 2X indie shooter/platformer hybrid from Futurlab to see if its unusual premise is worth picking up.

The Game Tutor Grades Metro Last Light Redux and looks at it from the viewpoint of someone who didn't play the original.

The Game Tutor Compares Metro 2033 and its newly released remake Redux and finds out what has changed and is it worth picking up?

The Game Tutor Grades PT which is the first ever interactive teaser for a game… that game being the next in the Silent Hill Series.

The Game Tutor Checks out artistic game Honokum exclusive to PlayStation consoles to see if it can sit proudly alongside other notable PlayStation

In light of the Summer Game Drought the Game Tutor looks east to find some Japanese bullet hell shooter loveliness and lets you know if you should

The Game Tutor decides to check out F2P MMO Amazing World aimed at kids.

Check out this Poolapalooza as The Game Tutor plays Pure Pool for the first time and compares it to the other Steam Pool game Pool Nation.