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Fate/Extella is set in the Fate franchise an anime doujin game series that has sat mostly in the visual novel field over the last decade and a bit.

Now I am a big Resident Evil fan and I often cite Resident Evil 2 as one of my favourite games of all time and even though tank controls have aged

We check out the latest title in the Serious Sam series and this one's a little bit different.

Now the best way to describe Dead Cells is a rogue-lite Metroidvania.

We try out the low-fi prequal to last year's outstanding Ghost 1.0

Good evening I’m the Game Tutor and tonight we are going to be looking at Kamiko an indie action game from developer Skipmore exclusively on Ninten

We checkout Hotline Miami meet Nightcrawler

We check out a new indie platformer that channels the spirit of Rare's N64 platformers but with a very distinctive twist!

We try out the oddest Nindie launch title and realise not all Switch games are created Equal.

Nefarious sees you take on the role of Crow the villain in a 2D platformer with essentially Megaman as your main arch rival.

Over the last few years we have seen some excellent retro sequels with Mega Man 9 & 10 being ones that spring to mind but sadly upon booting up

Skykeepers follows the story of Tangi a village chieftain following a tragic event in his life as he tries to rebuild his tribe.