Video Reviews

Tonight we're going to be looking at Fate/Extella Link.

The game starts well the title screen lets you choose from a variety of different effects I quite like the tube affect the CRT effect just makes it

We play through the first case of the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Japanese Switch Eshop with Full English Language support.

We look at Smashing The Battle just released on the Japanese Eshop with full English Language Support.

Good evening I'm the game tutor, and tonight we are going to be looking at “Liar Princess and the Blind Prince” on Nintendo Switch.

So how can we make Tetris more fortnitey?

A very Japanese "Sin and Punishment" style arcade game but is it worth your time?

I look at my favourite games of 2018

To say the game’s masterful story telling got me to care and shed a tear about a character I had only been introduced to minutes previous shows how

We have a quick look at Skytime a super cheap indie first person free runner just out on the Eshop

The game sees you take the role of a young merchant names Will who's taking over the family business of running the shop Moonlighter in the town of

Now I have always been a casual Puyo Puyo player but I do enjoy the series and yesterday the new esports version was released on the Japanese eshop